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Our busy executive got his first haircut and couldn’t be bothered to put down his crackberry.

Just a little trim – I didn’t get the whole thing on video because he got too squirrelly and I had to put the camera down and help.


We actually had several days of Halloween festivities. The week before Halloween we went to a pancake breakfast with my friend Kelly and her family. He chowed down, rode the escalators, and met Darth Vader. Awesome!

Calvin also made an appearance at the library this week:

And of course we went trick or treating. The first house we visited he just barged right in and gave himself a tour. Thankfully it was someone we know!

He was less interested in the block party at the end of the street – too many people. But we made sure to stop by and see Grandma (he’s going to hate us for this one when he’s older):

He still doesn’t really get the whole Halloween concept, but he looked damn cute in his DJ Lance Rock costume, and that’s really all that matters!