The dude is almost 2 – I can’t believe it!

He’s added a lot of words to his vocabulary, although he still leaves the ends off of most of them so many sound very similar. It’s great to have him communicating more, though. He’s also starting to point out and say the letters that he recognizes on book covers and so on. His favorite is u, although he can’t really tell the difference between u and v, so he calls them both u.

We went up to Seattle to visit my sister and her family over Thanksgiving. Calvin was sick while we were there, so he wasn’t his usual energetic self and did NOT enjoy the snow:

We tried again later after we borrowed some better snow clothes, but didn’t have any luck. So we hunkered down in the house with the family and the cat and dogs:

Gizmo and Pluto, the French Bulldogs, were very good about snuggling up with us and keeping us warm. Gizmo is the one in the picture above.

Calvin is an especially big fan of cats. My sister’s cat is not an especially big fan of Calvin:

He’s feeling much better since we got home, and is back to his old hijinks.