Christmas is fast approaching, and Calvin has no clue. It will be interesting to see how he reacts on Christmas morning! We took him to breakfast at the Beachcomber last weekend and took some pictures around there. The pics of the International are especially for Grandpa Butch and Uncle Scott:

Calvin’s up to all sorts of monkey tricks these days. Lately he’s into stacking anything he can get his hands on, and gets pretty creative with his constructions:

Salt, pepper and jam (sorry for poor quality photo):

Cups and orange:

He’s also gotten into the Sit & Spin that Uncle Ivan and Aunt Treana gave him:

Trust Calvin to find a more dangerous way to use it. He also uses it as a stool (sitting on the steering wheel), and once I came into the room and caught him using it as a ladder to reach something on the kitchen table (standing on the steering wheel).

Bonus – cute pics of Calvin in his robe:

That’s it for now, but Christmas and birthday are coming up so we’ll have lots of pictures to post in the near future.