Our boy is growing up so fast!

He’s still a really busy kid, working on those physical skills. Right now he’s really into jumping:

and somersaults (sort-of):

We still spend a lot of time at the park:

But Calvin also likes to read a lot, and the past couple of months he’s really gotten into identifying his letters. He knows most of the alphabet by sight, now, although he’s better with the uppercase letters. We’re not doing any “your baby can read” stuff or trying to force his language skills at all, but between the books and playing word games on my iPhone he’s picked it up and gets really excited when he recognizes letters on signs and books.

His vocabulary is growing and he’s starting to pick up some two-syllable words (beyond the repeated syllables, like Mama and Dada). Some of his words still require context – you probably wouldn’t recognize that he’s saying “SpongeBob” unless you saw him pointing at SpongeBob,  but “apple” is quite clear. He’s learning colors – he’s got blue down, but is not quite as consistent with the others.

I got a good laugh the other day – we were at the park and a woman walked by with three dogs on leashes, one of which was a tiny and very ugly little mixed breed that looked like a fat rodent. Calvin pointed at it and said “mouse!” It was awesome.

He HATES it when Eric or I dance or sing. He yells “no” and will run out of the room if we don’t stop. I get a special dispensation to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, because he likes to do the hand motions.

I think that’s about it for now. Here are a couple more cute pics to tide you over until next time: