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Calvin’s hair really curled up in the humidity this summer. It was very cute for awhile, but started to get unruly so it was time for a cut.




He was so squirmy at first that I didn’t think we were going to get through it, but he got into a game on my phone and finally settled down enough to get a proper cut. This was my first attempt at cutting his hair, and I’m happy with the way it turned out. The curl in his hair helps as it covers up all the ¬†little mistakes.

Calvin played in the ocean a couple of times this week, and he was loving it! (Totally surprised us, because he hasn’t warmed up to Uncle Ivan’s pool yet – go figure).

We had a fairly miserable 10 days…our champion sleeper finally realized he could get out of bed anytime he wanted, and decided to try it out every two minutes. Consequently, he wasn’t getting to sleep until around 10:00 PM every night, which is not good for him and REALLY not good for mom and dad, who rely on the time after Calvin goes to bed for a nice little sanity break. For a couple of nights this week we held his bedroom door shut, he screamed for a few minutes and then went right to bed. Tonight he didn’t even scream. Woohoo! As much as we hate resorting to stuff like this, sometimes it works better than anything else.

So, now that my child is sleeping again, I have a little time to update the blog. Here are a few random videos that we’ve taken over the past month.

Big and strong:

Calvin still likes to read. He has this set of Curious George books that he loves, but for some reason he won’t allow me or Eric to read them to him – they are his books for reading by himself, I guess! There are about a dozen of them, and he often sits down and flips through the whole stack.

Calvin loves to color, particularly with pens, and he loves naming the colors of everything he sees. He also learned to take the pen caps off and put them back on by himself. Since he likes to change colors about every 15 seconds, it’s nice that we don’t have to sit next to him the whole time to take the caps off for him. Independence – hurray!

It’s hard to believe given his method of pen-cap removal, but he’s never marked up his face taking a cap off.