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Here are a couple of recent pictures of Calvin – making coffee cake with Dad:

Driving the Jeep at Grandma’s:

We have a constant echo around the house now – Calvin’s really working on his language and repeats pretty much everything we say. He also repeats when we read to him and when he watches TV. He’s picking up a lot of new words and phrases, and is doing a lot better with the multi-syllable words, but it can be hard to have a conversation when he’s around – it’s very distracting! I accidentally taught him “oh, shit” the other day. Not my proudest moment. Thankfully he dropped it and hasn’t said it again, but we are learning to be very careful what we say.







Calvin is changing so much these days. Every day he just seems more grown up.

We’re finally starting to make some progress with potty training, which is great. Yesterday he went pee in the toilet twice all by himself without having to be prodded. Then this morning, after several minutes of trying he walked out of the bathroom and peed on the floor. So, you know, it’s like two steps forward, one step back. But we are very encouraged with his progress this week – it’s like he just suddenly decided he was ready to start.┬áHe’s very independent – he wants to take off his own diapers and gets mad if we try to help. He also really wants to throw toilet paper in the toilet and would probably use up a whole roll in about 2 minutes if we’d let him. We have to keep the paper out of his reach – between his growth and his climbing skills, that’s getting harder to do.

He’s getting more social and (most of the time, anyway), less shy than he has been for the past year. He’s starting to try to play more with kids he meets at the park, which is great. He’s still mostly drawn to kids who are a little older, but now he’s interacting more with kids his own age as well.

He’s singing and dancing a lot – we’re trying to capture some video of that but he’s so camera aware that it’s a challenge. If he sees the camera he immediately stops whatever he’s doing and says “cheese!” He also “reads” along with a lot of his books when we read to him – not every word, but at least a couple of words from every line. He’s a sponge and memorizes a lot of what we read and what he sees on tv.

He’s a total kangaroo on the trampoline and I’m amazed at how good his balance is. He REALLY wants to do tricks like the bigger kids – he’s been trying to bounce on his butt and then back up, but hasn’t pulled it off yet. He loves it when his older cousins try to bounce him off his feet, which is getting harder and harder for them to do. We have to watch him closely because he loves jumping off furniture and doesn’t seem to have any fear of heights. He’s trying some new stuff at the parks, too. He’s started climbing one of the vertical climbing walls at the park near our house – up until now he’s stuck with ladders or the slanted climbing wall.

He loves colors and counting and letters. He likes to read the letters off a book and then turn the book upside down and try to read the letters upside down – he’s really into letters that change depending on their position (like m and w, or n and u). I have some bendy foam hair curlers, and he likes to bend them into a letter shape and then move them around so they make other letters. He makes a “u” shape, then turns it over and says “n” or sideways and says “c.” He makes a “j” and then turns it over to make it an “r.”

We’re still repeating ourselves a lot to help him with his language – he’s got a good vocabulary, but a tendency to collapse longer words into one syllable which makes him hard to understand (he says his own name as one syllable, usually “Caln”). He mixes up p’s and c’s a lot, so he’ll say “puck” instead of “cup” and so on. Getting over his shyness some means he’s talking to more people than just me and Eric, so he’s picking stuff up faster now.

For the most part he’s got a really good temperament. He tries little shouts and screams sometimes if he doesn’t get his way, but so far (knock on wood) he moves past that very quickly if we just ignore it. Nap time is a bit of a crap shoot, though. Sometimes he wakes up in a great mood, and sometimes he goes to sleep as Dr. Jekyll and wakes up as Mr. Hyde. We just never know.

We talk to him about the baby coming. He knows there’s a baby in mommy’s tummy, and he says hi to it and hugs my belly, but he really has no idea what’s in store. Poor kid!

We’ve been working on making the bed time and nap time rituals more similar and he’s over the rough patch with his bed time, for which I am eternally grateful! We usually read 3 books before nap or bed time, and at nap time if he’s still not ready to sleep we’ll let him have more books but he has to look at them on his own. He does that a lot, which means a lot of times he falls asleep with a book in his arms. It warms my little librarian heart!

I know there’s a lot more I wanted to write about! Every day something happens that makes me think “I need to put that on the blog” but if I don’t get to it right away I tend to forget. We are having a great time with our boy and every day is a new adventure.