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Here’s Calvin and a little girl named Rowan at the park, cracking themselves up blowing kisses (apologies for the poor picture quality):


Here are the pics from my latest ultrasound. Everything is still looking good. The tech had a hard time getting a good 3D shot because the baby had his hands in front of his face through most of the ultrasound. But you can see his little nose and chubby cheek and squinty eye in this one:

And here’s the traditional profile shot:

The computer calculated his current weight as slightly under 6 pounds, but the ultrasound tech thinks that he is actually a little lighter than that, and that the computer calculated extra weight because he apparently has very long femur bones. So, maybe we’re having a little frog baby. Go figure. It’s amazing what they can tell from this process!

Due date is still November 16, and I’m going on maternity leave at the end of this month (October 28th). Lots to get done before then!