Henrik is a week old, and doing great! We went to the pediatrician today, and she’s thrilled with his weight gain (he’s up to 8 lbs 2 oz). She noticed that he was a little tongue-tied (short lingual frenulum, if you want the technical term), and so she snipped that little tendon under his tongue. Freaked me out a bit, but he wasn’t bothered by it. There’s no nerve there, so he wasn’t in any pain and there was only a tiny drop of blood. It makes feeding times a little easier, which is great.

We’re all still adjusting to the changes in our family. Calvin’s first meeting with Henrik in the hospital went very well:

But he’s definitely struggling with having a baby at home. He’s not acting out towards the baby at this point, for which we are very thankful, but he is testing boundaries and seeking attention in any way he can get it. When I’m holding the baby he’s all over me. And of course he’s regressed with his potty training, which had been going pretty well. Normal stuff, but it takes a lot of energy to deal with and Eric and I are both pretty tired.

Henrik is a pretty easy baby so far, and that definitely helps. He’s sleeping two to three hours at a stretch most of the day, and he’ll usually have a couple of three hour stretches at night. But of course some things are slipping through the cracks right now. We’ve barely even taken any pictures since leaving the hospital!

We did manage to capture a visit from Uncle Ivan and Aunt Treana:

My mom has been helping out a lot, entertaining Calvin so we can get some things done. He’s been having a lot of fun at her house and gets an extra dose of attention, which is great. He stayed with her while we were at the hospital and had an absolute blast. Eric’s mom is flying in at the end of the week, so we’re looking forward to that as well. We’ll try to get more pics up soon!