Poor Henrik. Only a month old and second child syndrome is already in full force – we just haven’t had the time and energy to take as many pictures and update the blog as much as we did with Calvin.

We’re all doing well, though. Eric’s mom has been here visiting and has been a big help. Henrik is a really easy baby so far – very mellow and rarely fussy (knock on wood). Overall we’re settling in pretty well.

We go to the doctor again next week, I think, so we’ll have an official weight update then, but Henrik just switched out of the newborn diapers into the size 1 diapers – he’s chunking up nicely.

Here are a few shots of what we’ve been up to lately:

Nana and Henrik


Making garland for the Christmas tree

Sweet little face!

Our room addition continues. The foundations have been poured and now Eric’s getting pony walls built to support the subfloor. If all goes well the framing contractor may be starting next week.