We’ve been busy, busy, busy with family visits and remodeling, and have been pretty bad about taking pictures and videos in the past couple of weeks. My sister and her family were here right after Christmas – she’s going to send me some photos because I only took 2! I will post when I get them, but here’s a picture of Henrik with his cousin Thelonious: Thelonious was really good with the baby, although he had to fight my sister for holding rights! Henrik continues to get nice and chunky. I haven’t weighed him recently, but he’s awfully chubby and cute: He’s started smiling, too, but I haven’t caught it on camera yet. So sweet! He smiled at Calvin a couple of times the other day and now Calvin gets right in his face whenever he can and yells, “Do a smile, baby!” like a little drill sergeant. I haven’t been able to convince him that this is counter-productive. Speaking of Calvin, this is why we’ve had to hide all the markers in the house: He not only colored all over himself, but on several walls and pieces of furniture, our sheets, the floor, a bunch of toys…thank God for washable markers! Calvin turned three last week! I can’t believe how grown up he is. We were pretty much partied out after the holidays, and Calvin makes it easy to keep it low-key. He still knows how to have a good time, though: We’ve made a ton of progress on our remodel. The framing is pretty much done, and the roofer is here this week putting a new roof on. It’s been noisy and messy, but we’re surviving just fine.  It’s fun to see it all coming together, and that extra 400 square feet is going to be SOOOOOO nice!

That’s it for now – I haven’t done any video editing recently, but I’ll try to put some up soon.