Here’s what’s up with our boys this month:

Calvin got some jigsaw puzzles for Christmas and he’s totally into them. When he started out he was asking me for help with every piece, but as soon as I left him alone with the puzzle he had the whole thing put together in about 2 minutes. I guess he was just trying to make me feel needed 🙂

He also got this cool drawing table, which he digs and which is helping us to reclaim our dining table:

He LOVES to draw, and is starting to do some stuff that’s recognizable. He’s been doing mostly balloons and happy faces for the past few weeks, but now he’s branching out. Today he drew several birthday cakes that were really good!

He’s gotten really into the baby lately, and wants to hold him and try to get him to smile all the time. It’s very sweet. He’s still a little jealous of the attention that Henrik gets, though, and will sometimes try to act more like Henrik in order to get attention for himself.

He’s picked back up with potty training and is doing pretty well, although he seems to think he has to take off all his clothes every time he goes to the bathroom. Actually, I think it’s just an excuse – the dude loves to be naked.

Henrik is doing great. He’s sometimes a little fussy in the evenings, but overall still an easy baby and a good sleeper. He’s smiling a lot now, and is much more alert during the day.

I took him to the doctor on the 13th and he was a little over 13 pounds, and 22.5 inches long, so he’s growing well.

We are all enjoying the family time we have right now before I have to go back to work. It’s been a real blessing to be able to stay home for a good amount of time. We’re very grateful.