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Henrik hit the 3-month mark last week. He’s still doing great. He’s a champion sleeper, which is awesome. We’re working on getting him bottle trained before I go back to work next week. He’s fighting it, but getting a little better day by day. I guess as of next week he won’t have much choice! He’s cute and chunky, weighs about 15 pounds now. We’re getting lots of smiles and little laughs, and he’s making a lot of noise, cooing and squawking. Super cute!

When we put a bib on him Calvin calls him “Superhero baby.” This is his serious face:

And his happy smile:

He likes to be on his tummy.

He can push himself up pretty well and hold his head up, but mostly it chills him out to be on his stomach and he often falls asleep. This is usually the go-to calming method when he gets really fussy.

When he’s on his back he’s starting to arch and roll from side to side a bit, so he’s working towards rolling over but he’s not there yet.

In Calvin news, Calvin is now diaper free – woohoo! He’s doing great at going to the bathroom on his own and we barely even have to remind him anymore. It’s awesome. He’s very proud, and if we forget to say it when he comes out of the bathroom he’ll say “I”m so proud of you, Calnin!” (still can’t say his v’s). Super cute.

He’s really coming out of his shell, getting more verbal and more social all at the same time. He’s still obsessed with puzzles and with the “iPab.”

He’s also drawing a lot, and starting to draw recognizable stuff, which is really fun.

Birthday cake with candles:

Happy face:


He’s also singing like crazy – Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, The Wheels on the Bus – very cute. Unfortunately he’s inherited his vocal talents from his parents, but I guess you can’t have everything.

He loves to come and sleep in our bed in the middle of the night, and since we usually walk him back to his own room if he wakes us up he’s gotten very sneaky and is often able to get into our bed without us knowing. We just wake up and there he is!

No remodel pictures today, but we’re making progress on the house. All the windows are installed and the stucco guys have been here papering and getting ready for the first stucco coat. It’s coming together, slowly but surely.

Progress is good!