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The boys are growing and doing well. Henrik had his 6-month checkup on the 15th – he weighed in at about 18.5 pounds. He’s definitely a little chunkier than Calvin was at the same age, and he likes his food!

The past few days he’s been like a baby bird, with his mouth wide open as soon as he sees the food, and eating it as fast as we can shovel it in! He starts to freak out if you try to slow him down.

He’s just about crawling – I’ve only seen him go about 4 steps at a time so far. He either hasn’t figured out that he can keep going, or he’s just lazy. 🙂 Usually he crawls a couple of steps and then just lunges for whatever he wants. He can cover a fair amount of ground even when he’s not crawling, and he also gets a pretty good amount of exercise in his bouncy saucer.

Practicing his goalie stretches:

He’s working on pulling himself up to standing, and he’s really grabby these days, so we know that once he gets really mobile we’re in trouble. He seems most interested in newspaper for some reason.

He hasn’t settled into a regular nap schedule – he takes several short ones a day, and every now and then we get a longer one of an hour or two. Looking back at old blog posts I realized Calvin didn’t settle into a regular nap schedule until he was over a year old, so I guess we might have awhile to wait!

At this age Calvin’s eyes were starting to turn more gray, but Henrik’s are still very blue and may stay that way.

Calvin is a boy of extremes these days. I’ve had tons of parents tell me that the “Terrible Twos” are pretty much non-existent and it’s the 3rd year that gets really hard, and we’re seeing some of that with Calvin. He swings between being super sweet and being a total butthead. This morning he came out to the breakfast table, saw the baby kick his high chair and said “Oh, you hurt your toe. Let me kiss it.” So cute! Then, within two minutes he was on the verge of a meltdown because Eric was making toast and he wanted me to make it instead, and Eric was making oval toast (French bread) and he wanted rectangle toast (regular sandwich bread).  We held firm on Daddy making the toast, but we let him choose his bread for toast so he got his rectangles. He’s trying so hard to control everything – we’re really working with him to help him understand that Mommy and Daddy take turns with things (driving, making toast, whatever…) and he doesn’t get to order us around. But we do try to give him opportunities to make choices and decide for himself what he wants, within reason. Lately he’s getting more into choosing his own clothes, for instance.

Routines work really well for him, so when we can establish a routine around something it makes life a lot easier. Bedtime is a snap these days. He loves to “rinse and spit” (brush his teeth), and then get his jammies on and read books before I tuck him in.

His puzzle obsession appears to be over, for now at least. They’re still great for keeping him occupied at restaurants, but he doesn’t do them at home very often anymore. He’s showing more interest in art of all kinds right now, and really branching out in his subject matter. He’s drawing and building a lot more things that are recognizable and figuring out how to draw what he wants without being shown – cars and flowers and so on. This is a balloon with a cloud and rain:

And this is an apple tree:

He loves to paint, and he’s also really interested in trying to write letters and numbers, although he has definite favorites – he likes to write the number 7 and the letters z and a the most, I think. He practices by tracing letters and numbers in coloring books or in the newspaper – as far as I know he picked that up on his own, and it seems to be working for him. He gets very intent on what he’s doing – very serious about his art, I guess!

He also LOVES to sing and is always happy to learn a new song, although he still hates it when Eric or I try to sing with him.

He’s so big and grown up in so many ways. He likes to hold the bottle for Henrik when we feed him, and is the best at getting Henrik to laugh. Occasionally he even refers to us as Mom and Dad instead of Mommy and Daddy, which makes him sound so old!

We had some gorgeous weather over the weekend and really enjoyed being outside. We’re looking forward to the summer when (we hope) the remodel will be done and we’ll be able to get away from the house more and have some good adventures.



Lots of changes around the Hansen house – stucco guys finally finished – no pics yet, though. We also have new carpet in the TV room and the smaller of the two new rooms. It’s so nice! I’ll try to get some good house pics this week.

Calvin’s doing well in his twin bed – he’s slept all the way through the night a little over half the time since he switched to the new bed, which is pretty great considering he was coming into our room every night before that. We just switched Henrik from a bassinet to the crib and finally stopped swaddling him because he was starting to bust out of even the velcro straight-jacket swaddlers. He’s slept through the night a couple of times recently. Love it! Not sleeping so well during the day, but we’re hoping he’ll settle into a more regular nap routine soon.

Henrik can now go from lying down to sitting up by himself. He’s still working on the crawling – not quite there, but almost.

Calvin has made big strides in his verbal expression just in the past few days – he’s enunciating more, speaking in longer sentences, and being really sweet and polite (except for when he’s being a total butthead, that is). The other day we went to Panera for breakfast, and when the guy at the counter said “Can I help you?” Calvin piped right up with “Yes, I like a pumpkin muffin, please.” Coming from our shy boy, this is a huge deal!

He learned the alphabet song and is singing it CONSTANTLY.  On occasion he does his puzzles with the blank side up:

It’s very difficult to get pictures of the boys together where they are both holding still. One or the other of them is usually moving or out of focus.

We love our little dudes!