Lots of changes around the Hansen house – stucco guys finally finished – no pics yet, though. We also have new carpet in the TV room and the smaller of the two new rooms. It’s so nice! I’ll try to get some good house pics this week.

Calvin’s doing well in his twin bed – he’s slept all the way through the night a little over half the time since he switched to the new bed, which is pretty great considering he was coming into our room every night before that. We just switched Henrik from a bassinet to the crib and finally stopped swaddling him because he was starting to bust out of even the velcro straight-jacket swaddlers. He’s slept through the night a couple of times recently. Love it! Not sleeping so well during the day, but we’re hoping he’ll settle into a more regular nap routine soon.

Henrik can now go from lying down to sitting up by himself. He’s still working on the crawling – not quite there, but almost.

Calvin has made big strides in his verbal expression just in the past few days – he’s enunciating more, speaking in longer sentences, and being really sweet and polite (except for when he’s being a total butthead, that is). The other day we went to Panera for breakfast, and when the guy at the counter said “Can I help you?” Calvin piped right up with “Yes, I like a pumpkin muffin, please.” Coming from our shy boy, this is a huge deal!

He learned the alphabet song and is singing it CONSTANTLY.  On occasion he does his puzzles with the blank side up:

It’s very difficult to get pictures of the boys together where they are both holding still. One or the other of them is usually moving or out of focus.

We love our little dudes!