Some quick updates. Henrik is standing up by himself. He REALLY wants to walk, and gets frustrated a lot because he hasn’t figured it out yet. His balance is getting really good, though – I don’t think it will take him too much longer.

His bottom front teeth are really visible now:

He’s in the exploring phase – just wants to get in everywhere and check stuff out.

We’ve all been getting eaten by mosquitoes or some other bug, but Calvin’s taking the worst of it, and since he can’t stop picking at his bites his poor little face is a mess. He’s still damn cute, though.

We found a good preschool for him that I think we’re going to try. It’s year-round, so he’ll start pretty soon. Fingers crossed!

We’ve got a monster tomato plant growing on our front deck.

Henrik is obsessed with paper, especially newspaper. He loves to play with it and always tries to eat it. We try to keep it out of his reach, but he watches for opportunities and grabs it every chance he gets.

He also loves the microwave. Actually, both of our boys are pretty obsessed with the buttons on the microwave. Calvin can reach when he pulls a chair over, so it’s probably only a matter of time before he manages to blow something up. Eric’s had pretty good luck with making pretend microwave noises – both of the boys think he’s pretty funny.