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Lots going on with the Hansen clan, as always. Calvin will be starting preschool next week, which is exciting. Henrik is taking about 8 or 10 steps at a time now. He also has 3, maybe 4 upper teeth coming in at once – no fun.


Henrik is obsessed with Calvin and always wants to be where he is. And he thinks Calvin is hilarious!



Calvin loves to crack eggs and thinks that’s what cooking is all about. If you ask him to help you make something, he says “I crack the eggs” – no matter what you’re making.

For awhile now he’s been really into writing. I noticed he was writing letters and numbers a lot so I got him a couple of dry erase activity books with words and letters and numbers to trace and he’s totally into them. 

A couple of weeks ago we found this, which he did all by himself:

All the letters of the alphabet are there, in Calvin’s own special order. I wish I had taken a picture of the birthday card he made for Papa Scott. I told him which letters to write to say “Happy Birthday Papa” and he did a great job with those, but he was having so much fun writing that he just kept going, so the card says something like “Happy birthday Papa cpoikvg” – it’s awesome.

So, that’s what’s new with us.