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Henrik was sick on his birthday, poor little dude.

Calvin, Henrik and Eric all had a pretty nasty stomach flu last week. Eric texted me this one – Henrik had been playing on the floor and just laid down and fell asleep on the mat:


He perked up eventually, though. We had a little family birthday party at my mom’s on Sunday night.

I think Henrik couldn’t have cared less, but Calvin was really into it – he helped me make the cupcakes and was very excited about singing happy birthday and helping his brother blow out the candles (he insisted that we have lots of candles, not just one).



And I guess Henrik doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth because he was not remotely impressed by his cupcake:




Yeesh! I knew I hadn’t put up pics in a long time, but I didn’t realize how long! Things are going well. I started a new job a month ago and am loving it. Calvin started preschool in September and is loving it. Henrik just turned one! Eric was able to sneak away to Florida in October to visit his mom and had a really nice trip. He is still chipping away at the house – the bulk of the remodel is done, but he’s putting in a new master closet (woohoo!) so I’m looking forward to that and we have been making a lot of use of our new space. As hard as it is going through a remodel, I’m happy that we did it.

Here are a few highlights from September and October, and I’ll post Henrik’s birthday pics this weekend.


“Spider cake”


Halloween – the boys went as Cowboy and Octopus – Calvin’s preschool had a Halloween parade and we went trick or treating with my cousin’s family.

Calvin loves his preschool teacher Miss Pat (seated):

November/birthday pics coming soon!