So, a little more catching up…

Calvin turned 4 in January – it was another low-key birthday as we had all been sick, but he did take cupcakes to school for a little party there and we had cupcakes at home, too, and for a couple of weeks after his birthday he was pretty much convinced that cupcakes should be available at all times.

He’s really getting into pretend play these days. He still loves to sing and he enjoys puzzles and reading and using the iPad. He’s going through another naked phase (wants to be naked all the time), and he is really into making towers out of couch cushions and then jumping on top of them and knocking them over.

Henrik is not talking much at all – he says “Dada.” In fact, “da” is his favorite syllable and he gets a lot of use out of it. His yes is a very emphatic “da!” so we joke that he’s our little Russian boy. He’s finally starting to say “mama” as well – I have some catching up to do! He also says a version of “all done” that is very cute and also very definite.

He’s got a great sense of humor, but he’s more insistent about what he wants than Calvin was at the same age and he has a little temper if he doesn’t get his way. Once he gets some vocabulary we’re in real trouble!

Henrik is also at the age where he wants to do everything his brother does, which means we really have to watch him closely. Since Calvin is jumping off furniture, well…you get the idea.

Both of the boys are exploring, growing, pushing their boundaries, which means every day is a wild mix of exhaustion, delight, anger, sweetness and gut-busting hilarity. That’s our current norm. 🙂

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