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We got some cute pics this week. Here’s one to tide you over – more tomorrow, I promise!


Lots of families have their pre-bedtime rituals – books, jammies, brush teeth, etc. Calvin usually has a burst of energy about half an hour before bedtime, so our “bedtime ritual” looks more like this:

Calvin’s Nana and Grandpa in Florida sent him some sunglasses. He thinks he looks pretty cool in them.

For some reason, WordPress is not uploading my videos. Will post Christmas and birthday vids as soon as I can.

It’s that time of year again. I’m feeling behind because we haven’t selected our holiday photo card yet. I like to send photo cards every year, because they’re my favorite cards to receive. I always save them and it’s fun to go back and look at the changes in our family and friends’ families from year to year. Plus, photo cards feel personal even without a hand-written note, which is great for me because if I had to write a note on every card they’d never get sent. Sad, but true.

It used to be hard to find photo cards in a style I liked. Now my problem is choosing one out of many gorgeous designs. This year I’m using Shutterfly and they have a ton of great options. You can go with a design printed on photo paper, like this one:

If you want to upgrade a bit, they also have some great designs printed on card stock. Since I’m going to have a hard time choosing from the many pictures we’ve taken of Calvin this year, I might go with a collage style that lets me use more photos:

I also like the cards that let you write a short letter to go with your photos. This is a nice option for someone like me – I know I’ll never get around to writing a full account of our year, but this way I can hit the highlights, at least:

Anyway, I’m still deciding, but it’s great to have so many options!

Full disclosure: I’m writing this post as part of a Shutterfly offer to bloggers for free holiday cards. I’ve never written a sponsored post before, and the reason I feel comfortable writing this one is that I’ve used Shutterfly in the past and been very happy with the quality of their products and the service I received.

Sorry for the lack of photos and video. We’re having some computer problems. Regular posting should resume soon…stay tuned!

Looks like we’re moving, doesn’t it? But we’re just heading out on our first big road trip with Calvin. I have a conference in Monterey, so we’re making a vacation out of it. Traveling with a baby involves a lot more stuff!

What happens after a baby eats sand? He poops sand. Probably should have seen that coming…

Yesterday we took Calvin to the San Diego Zoo for the first time. I think he was more interested in the people than the animals, but he had a great time riding in the carrier and looking at everything. He was squealing and squawking and having a good old time. Plus, he slept the whole way down there and the whole way back. What a good boy!