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I was surprised how much I liked this challenge. I mean, cocktail dress – yawn. Green fabrics – big deal. There’s nothing inherently difficult about either of those. Letting the models do the shopping, though – awesome! Seriously, no matter how much you know about clothes, unless you sew yourself you don’t know jack about how much yardage it takes to construct a garment. When they showed the models shopping and I kept hearing them ask for 2 yards, I was cringing. Even for skinny models, 2 yards is barely enough fabric to cover them decently, and that’s with a REALLY basic design. Natalie Portman was a fun guest judge – I don’t know how knowledgeable she is, but I’ve always liked her style.

  • Blayne: definitely a step up from last week’s debacle, but I didn’t care for this dress. The black panel made it look like he was going for a sporty look, but it just felt off balance to me.
  • Daniel: I liked the silhouette, but it didn’t look very well constructed and in the end it was just a cute black dress. Nothing to write home about.
  • Emily: Wow, that dress was short! The whole proportion of this dress was wrong for the model – it looked to me like she was wearing a dress made for a much shorter woman.
  • Jerell: I thought this dress looked pretty trashy. Definitely lacking something in the taste department.
  • Jennifer: I actually liked this dress a lot, but not for this challenge. It’s not a cocktail dress. It has a more casual, daytime feel.
  • Joe: boring silhouette, and not enough detail to make it more interesting. I thought it looked a little cheap.
  • Keith: another really short dress (in front, anyway). I didn’t care for the thickness of the skirt – it wasn’t flattering. But I think the overall look was a little more interesting than several of the other dresses.
  • Kelli: I didn’t care for this one. The two fabrics didn’t work together at all – it looked like something made out of a scrap bag.
  • Kenley: very simple design, but the collar was a nice touch and it was well-executed. A commercial, wearable design.
  • Korto: big mis-step here. I think the external darts were an interesting idea taken way too far, and the proportions of the dress were really unflattering to the model. And it was too tight.
  • Leanne: she definitely needed to edit this – too many things going on, and the top and bottom of the dress didn’t work together. It could have been cute, but she overdid it.
  • Stella: I have to disagree with the judges on this one. I don’t care for the asymmetrical look, and the fabric really washed out the model. It wasn’t the worst out there, but I didn’t think it deserved top 3 by any stretch.
  • Suede: God help me, I really liked Suede’s dress. When they showed it in the workroom, I thought it was going to be more punk, with rough edges. But it turned out to be more refined, while still being fun and interesting and youthful. As much as I hate to say it, I agree with the win on this one.
  • Terri: This was another dress I liked a lot, although with the darker fabric it was harder to see some of the detail. It wasn’t terribly exciting, but a very wearable dress.
  • Wesley: he blew it. Granted, he had very little to work with. But the design was poor and the construction was really poor. After seeing his work last week I know he’s capable of much better. As much as I hated to see him go, I can’t disagree with this decision.

This was a tough week, because I thought all three of the bottom three have some potential and I’d like to see more of them. I didn’t really want any of them to go home. But that’s the nature of the beast – no matter how talented you are, one flub at the wrong time will do you in. C’est la Runway!